01 Slitting Process

KS D 3506 This is the process of getting a galvanized coil for KS D 3506 supplied from a designated partner and cutting it to a narrow width so that the pipe used for the manufacture of handrails can be manufactured

02 Pipe Manufacturing Process

This is a process for producing pipes of various specifications used for balcony railings and stair railings. After the galvanized steel sheet is made into a pipe shape through a multi-step roller forming process, welding is completed using a high-frequency welding machine.

03 Cutting And Opening Process

After cutting the vertical pipe and transverse pipe used for the production of handrails, a hole (opening) is drilled in order to insert the shank into the transverse pipe.

04 Assembly Process

By assembling aluminum patterns and stripes on the transverse pole, it is possible to make various shapes of balustrade divisions, and the balustrade semi-finished products are produced by connecting this thinning assembly with the vertical poles and hand gestures.

05 Stamp

In order to improve corrosion resistance of semi-finished products, it is a process of painting using polyester powder coating. The coating is completed through pretreatment washing with water, water drying of the film, powder coating application, baking drying, etc. When the painting is completed, a finished product of Hammaton ‘s beautiful and sophisticated color railing is born.

06 Aphrodisiac And Packaging

In order to prevent deterioration of the quality of the handrail due to impact and foreign substances on the painted handrail, foamed polyethylene resin is used in the hand rubbed area, and the entire product is packaged in polyethylene wrapping paper and shipped to the customer.

Our facility

536, Hwabok-ro, Dongmyeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
About 30,000 pyeong
Production Capacity
Monthly: Approx. 250,000 m.
Yearly: Approx. 3,000,000 m.
Production Manpower
About 150 people.